I wish to submit several videos to the festival

Fill out a registration form for each video you want to send.

I want to submit several videos in several categories

You can submit only one video per category.

Can I submit the same video to multiple categories?

It is not possible to enter the same video in different categories. If we consider your video to be in the wrong category, we reserve the right to change its category.

Can I submit a sponsored video?

The video must not be the result of an order from a tourism or travel company. It must be initiated by the creator, who may have benefited from limited logistical, technical or financial support. In all cases the validation of the registration will remain at the discretion of the organization.

Can I enter a video that has already won an award at another festival

Yes, whether it has been awarded in France or internationally.

Why request a video clip?

Choose the part of your video you wish to highlight.

The extract from your video will be used several times:

  • To promote participants’ content to other videographers on the festival’s networks
  • If your video is shortlisted, extracts from all the shortlisted videos will be edited together and shown at the awards ceremony.

Excerpts must be in the same format as the video entered and sent via file transfer (wetransfer…) to contact @ wonderfrancefestival.com.

I have not received confirmation of my registration

Don’t worry, the confirmation may take a while to arrive in your mailbox. If you don’t receive anything within 24 hours, please send us an email: contact@wonderfrancefestival.com

I made a mistake in the registration form

You can simply inform the Wonder France Festival team by email: contact@wonderfrancefestival.com who will make the changes.


What are the themes of the festival?

The main themes of the festival are:

  • landscapes and nature,
  • sports & leisure,
  • the art of living & culture,
  • heritage.

The important thing is that the video enhances one or more locations.

What videos can I register?

All videos promoting tourism and travel, lasting more than 1 minute and broadcast for the first time from January 1, 2022.

Are there any restrictions in terms of format, size or video resolution?

Yes. Here they are:

  • Duration: over 1mn
  • Video format : MP4 (H264), MOV, WMV, AVI
  • Resolution: 720 pixels minimum to 4K (2160 pixels)
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9

Videos in vertical format are not included in the festival.

Could the video have been made by a team?

Yes. In this case, if the video is awarded, it will be in the name of the production company or the director.

Is there a set language for videos?

All videos must be subtitled in English.


Where will my video be shown?

In order to be shown in the festival, your video must be part of the official selection.

Your video will be posted on the official website www.wonderfrancefestival.com when we unveil the official selection. It will also be broadcast on our social networks and those of our partners (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok….).

The videos can also be shown at partner festivals and trade shows.

Can my video be used for commercial purposes?

Your video will not be used for comercial purposes wthout your permission.

Only the festival may use the selected content in its entirety or in parts for promotion.

If your video is awarded, it can be associated with the awarding partner, by integrating the partner’s logo at the beginning or end of the video (pre/post-roll).

In the context of partnerships with media or broadcasting partners, the partner may offer an advertisement before the reading on its own website.


How is the official selection made?

A committee composed of members of the festival team and professional videographers decides which videos will be retained for the official selection based on artistic and technical criteria.

How many videos are selected in the official selection?

The pre-selection committee will select a maximum of 5 videos per category, from which the winning videos will be chosen.

How will the official selection be announced?

You will be personally notified by the Wonder France Festival team if your video is selected.


How will the prizes be awarded?

A jury of image and travel professionals will meet to select the winning videos (see the > jury page)

The prizes will be awarded to the winners during the prize-giving ceremony (> see the organization page )

Can my video win multiple awards?

No, except for the videos that compete for the audience award.

Can a prize not be awarded?

Yes if no video judged by the selection committee is deemed to be of sufficient quality

How is the audience award organized?

The Public Prize is organized on the partner’s website(Le Petit Futé). The winning video will be the one that gets the most votes during the voting period (> see the organization page)

When and where will the winning videos be announced?

The winning videos will be announced at the awards ceremony. They will then be posted on the Wonder France Festival website and social networks as well as on the websites of the event’s broadcasting partners.

Where will the awards ceremony take place?

> see the organization page

Didn’t find the answer to your questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.